Clutchy Hopkins

First of all, who is Clutchy Hopkins?

That’s a question that only a few can answer. There are a lot of “investigations” going on but, until now, there isn’t any valid results. It is believed that Clutchy Hopkins is a pseudonym for another artist. In this case, the thesis that the artist is a DJ gets stronger (@ Wikipedia).

The “official MySpace” presents some photos of an old and bearded guy, giving us the idea that such character is, in fact, Clutchy Hopkins, but none of that has ever been confirmed. Nevertheless, that’s the character that often appears at albums’ covers.

Talking about what matters the most, the music itself, Clutchy Hopkins is one of my best latest findings. His albums, mostly instrumentals, mix an electronic easily ear-caught with some instruments of melodious beats and well “arranged”. It’s also said that such fact dues to his living with his father who, being an editor/producer for a well-known label, thought him a lot of techniques that he uses in his albums.

In any case, this really is an artist whose discography suits really well on our music library.

Clutchy Hopkins - The Life of Clutchy Hopkins (2006)

Clutchy Hopkins - MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins (2007)

Clutchy Hopkins - Walking Backwards (2008)

Clutchy Hopkins (+ Shawn Lee) - Clutch of the Tiger (2008)

Clutchy Hopkins (+ Lord Kenjamin) - Music Is My Medicine (2009)

Clutchy Hopkins (+ Shawn Lee) - Fascinating Fingers (2009)

Clutchy Hopkins - The Story Teller (2010)

Genres: Rock, Downtempo, Electronic, Hip-Hop

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