Cocoon – My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash

1. Take off (2:52)
2. Vultures (3:01)
3. On my way (2:51)
4. Seesaw (3:22)
5. Christmas song (3:11)
6. Tell me (2:50)
7. Owls (3:18)
8. Paper boat (2:58)
9. Cliffhanger (3:37)
10.Chupee (2:56)
11.Hummingbird (3:27)
12.Microwave (2:40)

Myspace; Oficial; DOWNLOAD

A late charge for BFM-of-07 comes from Cocoon, a boy-girl duo whose charming acoustic pop has clearly been profoundly influenced by that of Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and especially Elliott Smith.

And if that wasn’t recommendation enough, they’ve only gone and called their debut album ‘All My Friends Died In A Plane Crash’ and released it on Sober & Gentle Records. This we must listen to!

And oh! it’s acoustic pop to make you swoon. Pick of the bunch is a song called ‘On My Way’ – a melodic, lovelorn, happy-go-lucky ballad that’s been touched by the spirit of ‘XO’-era Elliott Smith. In other words, wonderful stuff.”



~ por spaceape80 em 10/02/2010.

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